Cook book

I have my own physical cook book: an old booklet with my handwritten text, where I collected the most important family recipes. It has been used for many years and became a bit sticky. I also have a folder, filled up with copies of single recipes from friends and recipes I found and cut out from magazines or from food packages. Of course I have several beautiful and useful cook books, old and new ones, supplied with my side notes. Furthermore, I have lots of recipes as text files on my computer.
All in all, it is a mess.

I have made this blog in order to collect, organize and digitize all my recipes in one place. I know that it is a long, probably never ending project, but I have to start somewhere. I add pictures to each and every recipe to give an idea of how the dishes look like. But my focus is NOT on photography with this project. I often shoot quickly with my iPad during the food making process. And I do not use too much time for taking a perfect picture of the final product, either. Mostly, because it is a real food, which should be eaten while it is fresh and warm.

All the recipes, I post on my blog, are also added to my virtual cook book. It is a pdf file, which can be downloaded below. The idea is simple: one page - one recipe. It can be used directly on iPad or can be printed (A/5 format) and collected in a ring binder folder. There are different categories according to the blog's sub-menu, marked with different colors. However, there are no page numbers, so it is up to the user how to order it (in alphabetical order, according to categories, or in order of appearance).
There is a category called DIY (Do It Yourself). It is about projects which are not really connected to food. I document them on the blog anyway, because they might be handy, but they are not a part of the cook book below.

Maage Deli Cook Book cover

Last updated: 03/07/2014