We needed a floor lamp with my boyfriend but we did not really like what we could find in the shops. They either looked cheap or too impersonal - or were just over the budget we would use for this purpose.
Fortunately, I happened to find a nice, old stand in a second hand shop. I fell in love with the lion paw legs. Though golden is not my favourite colour, I found it charming, anyway. We just had to find a matching shade.
We held a brainstorming and picked the idea of the waste paper basket. We bought a classic metal grid basket in an office supply shop. He bought an aluminium stick and bended it, so it could hold the basket. I coloured both the basket and the stick golden.

The lamp got our personal touch and it gives a lovely light, too.

Christmas is around the corner. I love this time when we are waiting for the first snow, planning the special Christmas dinner and decorating the house. I often light candles for dinner - something I learned in Denmark and like it very much - but in December it should be a special candle light. That is why I made this little table decoration.
To make sure that the candle would not tilt, I placed it in a plate and fixed it with home made plasticine. We used it a lot in the kindergarden.

Mix 300 g salt, 200 g white flour, 1.2 dl water, 1 tablespoon oil (for example sunflower oil) and it is ready for use.

It is cheap, easy to make and not dangerous to use, that is why even little children can play with it. It you make too much, you can save it in a plastic bag in the fridge for long time. If you do not cover, it gets dry after a while, so then you can paint it. It is fun to make colorful pearls or little toys of it.

After placing it on the plate, I decorated it with cones, horse chestnuts and little moss-covered branches.